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Common Sense Media rates New Sky Kids FOUR STARS

We’re incredibly proud and honored that New Sky Kids has earned a FOUR STAR rating and glowing review from Common Sense Media, the leading independent source of entertainment ratings and reviews for parents in the digital age.

Here’s an excerpt, which singles out our latest episode of HIGH TOP PRINCESS (“Monotone”) for particular praise…

New Sky Kids was started five years ago by parents whose original intent was to make movies with their children, but that doesn’t mean you should expect amateur filmmaking… An episode of “Little Heroes: Rescue Squad” that involves a hot chocolate stand opens with a close-up of the entrepreneur pouring marshmallows into a bowl, hanging a sign, and arranging cups.

In another show, the special effects include a superhero levitating her friend’s phone across the room. The friend, who has turned a monotone black-and-white shade due to being bummed out by negative comments someone made about her social media post, is able to eventually cheer up the person who posted the remarks. That’s a plot twist that’s very in-line with New Sky Kids’ mantra — encouraging kids to do good and be great. Many of the shows emphasize positive behavior, such as being understanding and apologizing if you’ve hurt someone’s feelings.

There’s a cost involved in viewing the content… but with a decent amount of quality episodes available and more scheduled to be added on a weekly basis… parents may not mind paying for access to New Sky Kids’ age-appropriate programming choices.”

— Common Sense Media

Click here to read the full review at Common Sense Media.

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