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Who We Are

Who We Are

Parents, aunts, and uncles just like you!

Hi. We’re Felipe and Leigh Adams, two of the founders of New Sky Kids. We live in Austin, Texas, and have three young children.

Five years ago, having little to no film experience, we began making videos for kids starring our children and their friends. We just wanted to make stuff that we knew our kids would like and that we felt good about them watching. Pretty soon, our videos started taking off on YouTube so we began building a team of film professionals to do more.

To our amazement, we’ve grown into a channel with 12 original shows, over 2 million YouTube subscribers, and over 1.5 billion views around the world! Our shows stand out as original, aspirational live-action fun for kids. In every series, we aim to inspire kids through story to stand up for good, to show compassion, to live adventurously… to be heroes in their own world!

Over the last few years, as our own kids have gotten a little older, we as parents have struggled to navigate this new world of digital media with them. The difficulty of navigating screen time as well as sifting through the amount of content available and marketed at them can be overwhelming. We know we’re not alone, because we hear the same from other parents all the time.

We feel that as our audience has grown, so has the responsibility that comes with it. When ads are uncontrollable, kids are able to search for anything anytime, and all sorts of inappropriate content is too easily discoverable, we know we must do better. We want to be a trusted source of good for kids, and support for parents. So we’ve committed to do everything we can to put kids first.

That’s why we built the New Sky Kids app! It includes all our most beloved original shows, and is where we’ll be premiering new content every week from now on. There will be no ads ever and all the content is carefully contained in one safe space where anything your kids find to watch will not just be appropriate, but also fun while encouraging them to do good and be great.

We invite you to try it free for a week and please let us know what you think. We think your kids will love it while you can rest easy knowing they’re safe and sound while being inspired unto adventure. To learn more about our shows, go here.

Our Core Team: 

  • Felipe Adams, Co-founder and CEO
  • Leigh Adams, Co-Founder and VP of Brand and Culture
  • Mike Akel, Co-Founder
  • Paul Alvarado-Dykstra, VP of Marketing and Operations
  • Emily Hiott, Creative Manager
  • Andrew Richey, Lead Producer